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Who could have imagined how much the world would change? When Burning-Flames arrived – when the Kapteynians brought magic to Earth – the trajectory of humanity’s future was altered forever. On the largest scales, on the smallest human scales, and for me on a purely personal level.

Burning-Flames once told me that their people can’t do science – that the nature of magic prevents them from being able to perform reliable tests. Now that I have seen their home first hand, I can confirm: magic is inherently antithetical to science. But that didn’t stop humanity from unlocking its secrets.

Magitism – a new fundamental force – answers so many of the mysteries of science and history. From dark matter, to the Great Dying, to humanity’s obsession with gods and mysticism.

Herein you’ll find the chronicle of the most important event in human history; but more importantly, how I met my truest friend.

Burning-Flames with Chum
Who is Burning-Flames? Glad you asked! They are an alien visitor from the star-sea that came to visit Earth. On top of them is Chum, their smart-bug. And around their neck is a voice synthesis device so they can speak to humanity. They stand about twelve feet tall if they stretch – their body alone is as tall as a person. At their heart is a radioactive quasicrystal core which glows blue.

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I’m Will Brall, a new Hard Science Fantasy author. My day job is as a Lead Web Dev making video game websites. I’ve been an artist of all types my whole life. While I’ve written many short stories and micro fiction over the years – much of it being lost to time – I have only recently found it within myself to commit to longer works. Magitism: The Force of Magic will be my first novel, but also the first in a long series.

My pronouns are he/they and I'm pansexual/polyamorous.

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Art Credits

Portrait of Burning-Flames by Jeff Dee

Website Art by Rupam Grimoeuvre

Cover design by Mike Katsufrakis

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A ship-skate hanging above Earth. It is a mile long, has an enormous iridescent crystal on its back, and is covered in triune-eye-tipped tentacles.